Internal and External Testing Service Capabilities

Rijon Pharma also provides an in-house facility, fully equipped with high-end laboratory equipment for researching and testing microbiological organic material, food, environmental, as well as chemical constituents and compositions of solids or liquids. This also allows our company to provide a billed external service to other companies or our partners, which might require advanced scientific researching, diagnostic solutions, immune therapies, plant extractions or other medical production of personalized cancer treatment products, backed up with sizable clinical studies. Furthermore, we can ascertain product compositions, as well as standardly offer quality control analysis of various sensitive environmental organic or inorganic compounds. Through offering these external services, it allows the company to generate a secondary revenue income. It is important to note that we take a share or royalty on any of our innovations that we developed for clientele or partners.

Plant Extraction and Purification:

  • Thermal extraction
  • Bioethanol extraction
  • Supercritical CO2 capture and extraction
  • CanisMajor capture and extraction (patent pending)
  • AlphaCanisMajor graphene membrane size exclusion separation (patent pending)


  • Total plate count
  • API identification of numerous bacteria, molds and yeasts
  • Antibiotic resistant strain determinations
  • E. coli and Salmonella spp. qualitative and quantitative analysis

Chemical Analysis & Composition Confirmation:

  • UV-vis and FT/IR and mass spectrophotometer identification
  • Viscosity, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, ppm and specific gravity detection
  • Both organic and inorganic, as well as metal based environmental sample source identifications
  • High performance liquid, thin layer and gas chromatography
  • Short- and long-term stability chambers