Quality Assurance

Business Functionality: Quality System and Assurances Registration

Business Functionality: Quality System and Assurances Registration

  • We meet and exceed MCC, NAFDAC and SGS quality control procedures, as well as adhere to full pharmaceutical cGMP standards throughout our companies’ management, and development systems. Furthermore, our quality control systems are in line with GLP and GMP principles.
  • We utilize the newest state of the art equipment which is both proprietor and commercially available, which uses computer-controlled devices, optic controls, and sensors to monitor the production and final quality of our products.
  • Our plant extracts products comply with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) developments. Additionally, all our medicinal products are registered and licensed with the Department of Health and Medicines Control Council (MCC) under complementary or alternative medicines (CAMs) for sale in South Africa for safety, quality, and efficacy. Furthermore, we have licensing rights for manufacturing and wholesale of plant medicinal oils as alternative or complementary medicines under provisions of Section 22C(1)(b) of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 in South Africa.
  • We also procure all raw materials and components required and farmed with international third-party global manufactures.

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