Micro Farming and Agriculture

Rijon Pharma has a world-renowned botanist, who specializes in the field of medical plant farming. Their specific focus is on medicinal plant cultivation, species identification, farming, upkeep, and growing of evolving plant genetic strains, as well as soil compatibility, growth conditions, and harvesting specifications. These expertise’s within our agricultural team and close linked team ensures that the quality control of our crops in relation to producing concentrated yields of plant extracts are of high quality for medical drug applications. Additionally, this expertise allows for farming of various medicinal plant strains with investigations into plant genetics and manipulations (future – multiple patents pending), in order to search for the ultimate advancements of cancer or other disease treatment solutions.

  • We have a full agenda from identifying to modifying plant species and animal cell extracts in order to gain maximum benefit leading to innovative drug developments.
  • This will allow us to address various diseases and every day ailments leading to the production of new homeopathic pharmaceuticals.