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Product and Development – Priority Plant Extraction Drug Manufacture

Numerous plant extracts show promising results within various medical treatments, there are also many medical treatments. However, up until now, these plant extracts could not be produced within a high enough concentration and purity to yield the positive medical treatment results needed, and with our patented technology of extraction, graphene purification, and stabilization, we can address this demand. Homeopathic pharmaceutical-grade drug manufacture from plant extractions is our core focus, which allows us to develop various organic and inorganic medicinal drugs that are tailored for our client’s specific needs including, oncology, veterinary and other health care products, which are highly lucrative and financially rewarding business within today’s market. Additionally, we concentrate on innovative products, which have credible delivery, scientifically marked benefits, as well as strive to meet and pass quality and safety testing standards. Once credible safety has been established with any new plant extracts, we able to fast track these products to market.

Our plant purification and separation methods can obtain the highest purity of medically beneficial plant extracts using supercritical CO2 and proprietary advanced CanisMajor capture methods (patent pending). These methods are supported by re-solubilization and patent-pending AlphaCanisMajor graphene membrane separation systems, which allow for product post-processing manipulation, to produce award leading concentrated, high quality, chemically pure, as well as long term stable plant extract products! No other pharmaceutics manufacture can claim this.

Within our production facilities, we house some of the top research and quality assurance machinery and equipment, such as computer-controlled lab systems for thin-layer chromatography, condensed enhanced performance liquid chromatography equipment, FT-IR, and constant climate control chambers, as to ensure that only the best plant medicinal extracts are produced and distilled.

Our plant extracts are available as liquid plant material, or oils, solid dry powder or in aerosol inhalation formations.

Graphene Membrane Manufacture for Extraction

Graphene membranes are single-atom-thick films of hexagonally bonded carbon atoms, which when produced correctly (are defect-free, with controlled porosity) are impervious to even some of the smallest molecules (such as helium), and so can be utilized in many applications as a basic molecular sieve or filter in terms of nano-sized exclusion or inclusion criteria needs. Graphene membranes have exceptional mechanical strength, along with the opportunity for tunable nanometer-scale pore creation in atomically thin hexagonal lattices, which exhibit anti-fouling properties. Thus, the production of graphene membranes or specialized films to improve the overall purification, permeability, selectivity, and energy efficiency of within many applications is highly desirable.

Some of these commercial applications include medical, advanced extractions, dialysis, electronics, desalination, fuel cells, barrier applications, biological separations, water filtration, purification extractions, and isotope separation, among others.

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Consequently, scalable graphene synthesis and integration routes for the production of nanoporous atomically thin membranes (NATMs) or films are central to enabling industrial commercialization of various processes. At this current moment in time, globally this technology is very new and as of yet has not been developed on a large enough scale, for industrial applications. Hence, this is the current forefront focus of our company’s interests, since we have developed highly specialized industrial processing equipment, which enables us to produce nanoporous membranes, which allows for highly purified yield extractions, due to their size-tunable unique properties and characteristics. This technology will allow our company to have a sizable marketable share and a leading edge.