Our Team

What Makes our Team Special?

  • Our company has a team of world-leading staff in its portfolio, comprising of award-winning doctors, world-class engineers, and one of the most notable graphene production scientists on the board from MIT, as well as great agriculture entrepreneurial business minds. This transdisciplinary array of talent is obsessed with making a difference.
  • Our pioneering technological medicinal plant extract drug manufacturing process with our priority equipment and machinery will bring cancer and other disease treatment drugs to the forefront of enhanced medications.
  • We work with unique materials (such as Graphene, as well as various plant extracts) and our findings should have multiple spinoffs in various industries and marketplaces. Our newly discovered products, inherent intellectual property solidifies our innovations and holds the inherent market and investment value.

Highly Experienced and Skilled Team to Successfully Execute Strategy

  • Enterprising visionaries: global experience in CPG and operating in highly regulated environments, professors, doctors, and seasoned entrepreneurs who add flair to the operation.
  • Experience in executive and operational management specific to Medical production, botany, medical plant extraction cultivation, high quality and stable plant extract drugs, membrane development, advanced high-end engineering and machine manufacture, consumer goods, brand building, pharmaceutical, retail, and international markets.

Lead Scientists and Engineers


PhD in botanical horticulture
Our leading botanist has extensive plant farming experience.

WPassionate about Research Development

Innovative Treatment

Qualified Doctors

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Dr Lawrence Soto
Dr Patrick Burton
Dr Catherine Castillo
Dr Alexander Burns